Welcome to RespirTek – an ISO/IEC Certified BioEnvironmental Service Laboratory

RespirTek, Inc. is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory for a host of environmental testing services related to consumer product biodegradability certifications, wastewater treatment and toxicity assessments, or optimized bioremediation and/or natural attenuation strategies. Our ISO/IEC certification is recognized internationally and demonstrates RespirTek’s technical proficiency executing test methods within the scope of accreditation.

RespirTek’s accreditation scope includes ASTM/OECD/ISO biodegradability and compostability testing specifications that enable direct material classifications such as Ready or Ultimate Biodegradability.

As you search for a laboratory to work with for your specific testing application, strong consideration should be given to the laboratory’s ability to perform quality work in a consistent, reproducible fashion. At RespirTek we stand firmly behind our testing and published results because we follow strict procedures that give us the necessary assurances regarding our representation of the final data. Through ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification our clients are provided with the highest levels of confidence regarding documentation, data quality, and accurate reporting when they choose to test with RespirTek and is accepted by national and international regulatory and certifying organizations. Don’t wait until you are challenged to realize the data you received from another laboratory is insufficient. Test with confidence when you test with RespirTek.