About RespirTek™- BioEnvironmental Services Laboratory

RespirTek™’ is a BioEnvironmental Services Laboratory that is committed to providing seamless partnering with our clients. We pride ourselves in unmatched technical and customer service that facilitates a deeper understanding of the environmental issues our wide variety of clients face. RespirTek offers many certified method-driven biological analyses from Standard Methods, EPA, ASTM, ISO, and OECD. However, we distinguish ourselves through our internally-developed protocols for unique environmental challenges that require unique test designs to answer historically-difficult questions that provide insight into microbial systems and their ability to mineralize environmental wastes.

RespirTek’s Technical Team assists clients each step of the way, including initial technical consultation to identify optimal testing designs and terminal technical consultation to translate test results into field application and design. In essence, we provide technical expertise with testing results to facilitate our clients’ success for each unique project-specific objective. Furthermore, our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation provides the highest level of confidence in traceability, quality assurance, and quality control when you partner with us.

We are uniquely staffed to handle your technical and business needs, whether onsite or through our network of sister-affiliate laboratories. Through these inter-laboratory partnerships developed over the years (since 2001), RespirTek has evolved as a one-stop-shop for nearly all microbiologically-relevant analytical including PCR identification and quantitation, speciation, specific degrader identification, isotope analyses, and many more. Our technical team has assisted hundreds of engineering firms, wastewater managers, product development directors, and many others achieve their bioenvironmental assessment and remediation objectives for nearly two decades.

RespirTek™ ushered in a new paradigm in environmental laboratory customer service. We platform our business model through integrated, proven management techniques to provide seamless project execution, timely delivery of results, and follow-up technical consultation to translate laboratory results that address your site-specific environmental challenges.