RespirTek™ offers a full range of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and NELAC Accredited chemical analyses: general chemistry, inorganic metals, organic chemistry, UST parameters, BTEX, TCLP, volatiles, semi-volatiles, etc. These analytical services can be carried out in conjunction with larger studies or can be handled as isolated requests.

We pride ourselves in being a single-source delivery for all analytical requirements of our clients. Furthermore, we have developed decades-long relationships with sister-affiliate specialty labs to perform those very unique analyses that are occasionally requested but are beyond standard chemical analyses. These analyses range from DNA, PCR, and isotopes to specific compound identification in mass spectrometry, etc. We require all affiliate labs to hold certifications within their testing specialty.

Interim Sampling

RespirTek also has specialty bioreactors that enable collection and analyses of samples from the media under investigation during the project. This capability provides our clients with several data points for specific chemical analyses that are pertinent to the project. With data points between the initiation and termination of a study, we can generate important kinetic parameters that help our clients introduce real values to transport and fate models for contaminants of concern.