Wastewater Treatment

If you are experiencing wastewater toxicity or treatability challenges, RespirTek’s Technical Team can assist you in site-specific test designs to provide confidence to both dischargers and wastewater treatment plant management. Our staff offers years of experience working directly with significant industrial user companies and POTWs to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. RespirTek’s respirometry-based wastewater assessments represent the best of respirometric science combined with biochemical and microbiological analyses to assist you in problem solving wastewater issues. Since microbial respiration and substrate consumption are linked in microbiological systems, our automatic respirometers enable a higher degree of insight by monitoring the microbial respiration in real time. These measurements are used to evaluate microbial kinetics, oxygen demand, and oxygen uptake rate in various configurations to evaluate the impact of new waste streams or to troubleshoot negative impacts to the POTW from current discharges.

POTW Wastewater Receivers

POTWs are susceptible to upsets from many influent sources, which can be a time and resource drain on the local municipality. RespirTek’s services can help assess impacts to the plant from new dischargers and can also help troubleshoot unstable plant operations.

A few of our Service Points for wastewater operators and pre-treatment coordinators are:

  • Determine oxygen uptake rates (OUR’s)
  • Assess accurate charge/ loading cost to your Significant IndustrialUser (SIU)
  • Natural attenuation of land applied sludge
  • Determine optimal Food to Microorganism Ratio
  • Evaluate return sludge control
  • Assess toxic additions damage to biomass and corrections options
  • Obtain high-resolution microbial kinetic data for plant design or upgrades

Review a detailed list of treatment plant service points.

Significant Industrial Users

RespirTek has helped numerous industrial users satisfy regulatory and/or plant operators’ concerns about new discharges to the municipal treatment facility. RespirTek has a team of engineers and scientists to work with you and prepare a site-specific testing design that answers project-specific questions. Each wastewater project is unique, and we bring years (since 2001) of direct wastewater treatment testing experience to the discussion within a variety of scenarios such as: nitrification inhibition, optimization of discharge rates, low-temperature treatment, solids settling, and others.

A few of our Service Points for wastewater operators and pre-treatment coordinators are:

  • Assessing treatability or toxicity of organic and inorganic wastes
  • Evaluating anaerobic/aerobic biodegradation potentials for specific organic chemicals or product lines
  • Support for the design and operation of laboratory-scale and on-site pilot plants
  • Measurement of kinetic parameters for plant design or retrofit
  • Determination of optimum discharge concentrations that enable the wastewater receiving plant to operate without upset
  • Assessing nitrification potential and impacts from new substrates

Review a detailed list of SIU service points.