Our Mission

Declaration Statement

The mission of RespirTek™ is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through combining technical expertise, excellence, and responsive customer service to offer a unique service to industry, engineers, geologists, and government. In the area of client and employee relationships and technology innovations, we will be responsive and progressive to achieve total client satisfaction through personal and company growth.


We recognize that our responsibility is to focus on the needs of our client while protecting and preserving the environment. With this in mind, we commit to:

  • Consistently provide practical solutions to environmental issues
  • Maintain the highest quality service standards in the industry
  • Maintain strict compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations

Commitment to Advanced Technology

With a commitment to further the technology and the science of respirometry, we will be at the forefront of respirometric advances by self- directed study and the continual purchase of the most innovative equipment available. We will also strive to be in the leadership role of progress in adjunct analytical methods and equipment.

Team Focus

To accomplish our mission, the RespirTek Team has set priorities and made commitments that are focused on and practiced in day-to-day operations. This is the core of who we are and what we believe:

1. Our employees are considered the most valuable asset of RespirTek™. We value each team member on an individual basis, which helps to foster positive attitudes, work ethics, and a congenial work environment. We believe that by hiring the best, we are making an investment in the company’s long-term success and making a promise to our clients to provide the best service and expertise available.

2. We are committed to the strength of long-term successful client relationships based on trust, respect, responsiveness and service. We will achieve complete understanding of our client needs. We will unfailingly work in a team setting to define all the parameters needed by our clients and in turn those they serve. We will strive to surprise and delight beyond all expectation.