Natural Attenuation Testing

Is natural attenuation (NA) working? This is a very important question given that NA is the least expensive remediation solution for a contaminated site. One of the most significant challenges facing a project manager is getting regulator approval for a natural attenuation project. And this is where RespirTek™ can be of great value.

RespirTek™’s Microbial Communication Service™ combines the best of respirometric science with environmental analytical and microbiological testing to produce highly relevant, useful and reliable data; documenting that, through natural attenuation, regulatory levels can be confirmed and attained. The natural attenuation testing bundle at a minimum consists of microbial respiration activity and HPC and/or specific degrader plate counts (HDPC) testing. This part of Microbial Communication Service™ answers the questions of rate or time and bacteria counts so necessary in assessing NA.

Regulators respect RespirTek™’s independent status to support natural attenuation approvals based upon solid science using ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation. With Microbial Communication Service™ you no longer have to wait months or years to get solid biodegradation of contaminants rates. Contact us at 228-392-7977 to arrange for a free consultation call with our Technical Team to discuss your specific project. Get more information about process specifics.