Respirometry as a Direct Probe into Microbial Systems

RespirTek has pioneered the use of respirometry since 2001 using internally-developed protocols for applications in bioremediation and wastewater treatment. Our ISO/IEC accreditation is unique in providing accredited testing for site-specific wastewater treatment or bioremediation studies that fall outside the scope of typical standardized methods. The RespirTek Technical Team has been active in the development of new laboratory protocols that focus specifically on the environmental challenges at hand. Our approach provides an economical means for assessing the potential of biological remediation at either soil and groundwater contaminated sites or municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

RespirTek’s overall goal is to provide higher levels of confidence in the environmental engineering and design of biological systems or consumer product biodegradation by offering economical, lab-scale assessments with good transferability to applications.

RespirTek™ employs respirometry to monitor microorganisms in real time. This enables us to continuously monitor respiration rates and contrast microbial metabolic activity with chemical analyses to understand the dynamics of the biological response in a variety of systems. Furthermore, coupling microbial respiration to depletion of target substrate concentrations, real-time degradation rates can be obtained in addition to a deeper understanding of the limiting factors for bioremediation. The substrate degradation rates are then compared to microbial respiration rates to ascertain the selectivity of the microbial consortia in specifically targeting the substrate of concern.

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