Enhancement Bioaugmentation Product Testing

Whether you are a manufacturer of enhancement/bioaugmentation products or an end user, RespirTek™’s Microbial Communication Service™ can provide important answers about product performance.

Manufacturers use RespirTek™’s independent status to support product performance claims or development of product based upon solid science using ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation.

End users of product use RespirTek™’s services to answer project questions based upon specific site characteristics.

  • Will the product accelerate natural attenuation and to what extent?
  • How well will the product work, given the specific site characteristics?
  • What is the optimum application amount for the microbes to achieve the highest contaminant degradation rate related to specific site characteristics?

Respirometry is a key component of Microbial Communication Service™ for the determination of contaminant biodegradation rates. Through respirometry, microbial activity is monitored and measured in real time. This has never been made available to the trade in a commercial laboratory setting before.

Combined with environmental analytical and microbiological testing, highly relevant, useful and reliable data is produced to support product development and application decisions and processes to meet regulatory levels.