Our History

RespirTek™ was incorporated March 2001, realizing a dream of the owning partners, BJ Hook and Jerry Hodges. In 2000, B.J. left her corporate position with a fortune 500 Company to pursue her dream of providing a useful service in which she could use her talents and experience in solving microbial problems utilizing respirometry.

As our Senior Biologist and CEO, she has trained and worked with the top respirometric scientists in the world and has 23 plus years of experience with a wide variety of analytical testing protocols and associated equipment. She is personally committed to offering innovative solutions for industry, environmental engineers, government, and other scientists utilizing respirometry and adjunct chemical analysis.

Our co-founder and CFO, Jerry Hodges, after 30 years of experience and responsibility for the financial, business and systems development for numerous multi million dollar startup organizations, recognized the need for and the lack of customer service oriented laboratories. Jerry visualized a “consulting lab” that actually focused on client needs and concerns. The new corporation, RespirTek™, would focus on hiring the best potential staff team members with a commitment to long-term successful client relationships.