Process Specifics

As Team Members we want you to have the opportunity to understand RespirTek™'s internal process. There are typically five touch points with you throughout a project:

  1. 1. Technical consultation upon contact to establish the ideal testing methodology based on your needs. This may be through a written questionnaire provided by RespirTek or for more complex projects, through teleconference. RespirTek provides this initial consultation at no charge to ensure both your understanding of the methodologies available as well as the end product received once testing is completed.

  2. 2. Sample receipt notice detailing the sample IDs, conditions, and number of samples received. Additionally, a preliminary start date is issued for the project.

  3. 3. Communication that the project has begun, including the duration of the project and when to expect the results.

  4. 4. End of project notification with indication of when the final report will be issued.

  5. 5. Issuance of Final Report and any other relevant information regarding the project. RespirTek also provides follow up consultation regarding the interpretation of results when unclear, as well as answering any questions related to the project that may arise following review of the Final Report.

The Final Report includes all information required by the project design as well as an Executive Summary for non-technical readers within or outside your organization. Call 228-392-7977 to set up a free consultation with our Technical Team.