Frequently Asked Bioremediation Questions

How do I know there are microbes on site that can degrade MTBE?

Encompassing a full suite of biological methodologies and testing protocols, RespirTek offers the capability of producing a fully integrated Biological Activity Key for any particular site. The Heterotrophic and Specific Degrader Plate Counts offer a valuable look at what microbes are present and which microbes present can degrade the contaminant of concern. These results are then integrated into the plume map (as shown below), and further decisions about bioremediation become clearer.
A Plume Map of a Bioremediation Site

Our client wants to reduce the cost of this phase of the project by 25%. Is bioremediation an option?

In-situ bioremediation, whether naturally or with enhancements or augmentations, has been proven in multiple scenarios to be the resoundingly most cost efficient technology for environmental cleanup. Remediation projects conducted by several government agencies have shown significant savings when bioremediation was the technology utilized for site cleanup. Not all sites will be conducive to bioremediation because of certain risks associated with contamination; however, where applicable, bioremediation is the solution of choice from an economically driven perspective. We have a breakdown of our costs available to you upon your call.

Are you comfortable managing the extensive analytical demands for this bio-project?

Testing designs, work plan development, results interpretation and consulting, and reporting are all significant parts of our value-added services in addition to the analytical testing. By using RespirTek™ as your bioremediation "One-Stop-Shop," your overhead hours decrease as your actual time spent on the project declines. What this means to project managers is that we save you overhead hours on our time...not yours.

Our testing designs are menu driven. Below is a small cutaway of a testing design for a bioenhancement study.
Testing Design for Bioenhancement Study

What is the most economical way to solve this problem? Why can't we leave it in the ground?

RespirTek is a risk assessment tool for monitored natural attenuation, bioenhancement, and bioaugmentation options. RespirTek removes the guesswork from these options by answering the most common questions associated with them: Will the plume naturally attenuate? If not, what enhancements or augmentations will provide an acceptable timeframe for remediation? How long will bioremediation take? Answer your client with scientifically sound data when these questions arise.

We have included an excerpt of a case study illustrating RespirTek™'s capabilities in dealing with a quick-turnaround response to an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay. Without the data showing which enhancements and augmentations were needed for optimal remediation, guesswork would have clouded the ecosystems and environment, possibly for years to come. With the identification of the optimum enhancements and augmentations (and their respective addition rates), contaminants were below detection limits within 3 months as predicted by the study. The study was completed within 11 days.
Sample Case Study

Have you ever managed a bioremediation project?

RespirTek™ has worked for 49 different engineering firms and accumulated valuable experience spread over a variety of different projects. We work behind the scenes as your personal bioremediation consultants, providing relief for the anxiety that the uncertainty of bio-projects can bring. Microbial Communication Service™ combines the best of respirometric science with microbiological and environmental analytical testing to produce highly relevant, useful and reliable data.

RespirTek™ is the only company to offer Microbial Communication Service™. No two projects are alike. Call us (228-392-7977) to set up a free consultation with our team consisting of highly trained and experienced biologists and chemical engineers.

Whether it is natural attenuation or full-scale bioremediation involving groundwater, soil, testing or other environmental matrices, we can assist you. Our work will give you greater confidence in bioremediation decisions. Contact us at 228-392-7977 to arrange for a free consultation call with our Technical Team to discuss your specific project.