Bioremediation Services

  • Is bioremediation a viable option? Are there sufficient naturally occurring microbes present to do the job?
  • Is Natural Attenuation a workable solution given the constraints of the project?
  • How effective will an enhancement product be?
  • Will bioaugmentation be effective specific to the site characteristics?
  • What is the contaminate degradation rate?

RespirTek™'s Microbial Communication Service™ can answer these and other questions about your contaminated site. You get answers to your project questions in a matter of days not weeks with Microbial Communication Service™. Microbial Communication Service™ combines the best of respirometric science with microbiological and environmental analytical testing to produce highly relevant, useful and reliable data.

RespirTek™ is the only company to offer Microbial Communication Service™. No two projects are alike. Call us to set up a free consultation with our team consisting of highly trained and experienced biologists and chemical engineers. Whether it is natural attenuation or full-scale bioremediation involving groundwater, soil, testing or other environmental matrices, we can assist you. Our work will give you greater confidence in bioremediation decisions.

Contact us at 228-392-7977 to arrange for a free consultation call with our Technical Team to discuss your specific project. Get more information about process specifics.